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Welcome to Pleasant Village Community Garden!        Hudson Valley in Manhattan!                                                

Pleasant Village Community Garden, Inc.* (PVCG) is a beautiful oasis in East Harlem. Founded by the late Rose M. Gardella between 1978 and 1982, PVCG rests on the rubble of several buildings destroyed by fire. In 1997, PVCG officially became parkland and part of the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation and Green Thumb designated PVCG a preservation site in 1993.


PVCG has between 65 ethnically diverse members ranging in age from 27 - 92. Members care for their own individual plots, where they grow vegetables, flowers and herbs, as well as the communal herb, rose, berry and ornamental gardens and various fruit trees (apple, pear, mulberry). We also specialize in planting pollinator and native plants to attract and provide host plants for pollinator butterflies and bees. We are Hudson Valley in Manhattan.

PVCG is supported by and follows the rules of Green Thumb. The official open season for PVCG is from early April - late October, but PVCG also holds events during the winter months.

Come join us as a member or to spend a nice afternoon under the pink shade of the cherry blossom trees. Enjoy the songs of the birds that call PVCG home and the smells of the roses.


To be come a member, volunteer for a day and attend one of the three annual meetings.  For more information contact pleasantvillagegarden@gmail.com


*Please note that all images are belong to Copyright PVCG © or its members. Any image of the garden is explicitly for the use of the garden or personal use unless permission is granted by contacting us at the email above. PVCG is part of NYCPR & Green Thumb only. We are not part of any other organization.

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